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Adam is an artist who is self taught and natural expressionist, when drawing and painting. He uses his subconscious mind in the process. Art for him is a way of life, he would feel empty without it. He is influenced by expression, the grotesque, quirkiness and satire. These have determined his artistic style that is instantly recognizable at a first glance.
So is commented by the people who know about him in Poland. In particular the Publisher called Miniatura that is in Cracow.

“Adam’s graphic art is truly amazing. The black and white creations especially, are the most evocative. Adam has a truly unique and original style which has become his signature. Wherever I’d come across his works, be it in books, newspapers, galleries I would recognize them immediately – this is Fiala! Take his Heads Series – so fabulous, mysterious, metaphysical. With a single drawing he tells a thousand stories.”
Grzegorz Zientecki – Polish poet, author of aphorisms and haiku poetry with Adam’s illustrations
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