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Most people think that one needs to go great distances to find something worthy and spiritual to photograph. In actual fact you don’t need to travel to Kakadu or to the Kimberley to find Australia’s fascinating natural sights - all you need is a keen eye and an artistic awareness of nature’s extraordinary forms.
Not far from where you happen to live you may just find very powerful imagery. Just look around you, at the trees - their detail, bark etc, at the rocks, at the plays of light that cast a shadow and magically transform things.
A skilled photograph captures fleeting moments in time. Just like an artist painter using a brush, a photographer skilfully operates the camera lens and positions himself to achieve the desired effect. Less is more. In smaller things lurk bigger things. Grass stalks, bark structure, branches, all harbour their own micro worlds.
But be aware, a vision of nature is highly personal. “Forest Secrets” is not a typical photobook. The close-up compositions of Australian tree bark invite your imagination to seek out hidden forms and meanings. What one person interprets, another can do so differently. And so it is with the arrangement of one’s photographs.
Our photographs are arranged into collages - the simple description of each image encourages you to look, and find, and gradually enter into a story, appealing to art lovers of all ages, stimulating an interest in the environment.

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1) Three Cyclops2) Fox In The Forest3) Two Dingoes4) Family5) Amazing Harmony6) Giants And Dwarfs7) Mysterious Composition8) Double Imagery9) New Look10) Fire Spirit11) Harmonious Landscape12) Environmentally Conscious13) The Model14) Bush Mysticism15) Spiritualism16) Shape Shifter17) Giant Spirit Angered18) Help Is On The Way19) Picture Perfect20) Happy Dancing Spirits