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Long time ago in Australia lived not giant people but giant animals. Lizards like small jets (just like Giant Diver), wombats of size of small school buses and birds to 3 m high (just like half of 6 meters Giant Little Girl) roaming the Land. Those animals are now gone but it is time for Giant People even in the shapes of Marionettes. And street of Perth WA were full of people just looking and listening to excellent music didgeridoo and rock. Giant Little Girl and her father Giant Scuba Diver were creation of a French street theatre company Royal de Luxe and event opened the 2015 Perth International Arts Festival.
Photographer Adam Fiala made lots of photos; it was not an easy task because of enormous crowd. I treated it like some sort of African safari without wild beasts but with crowd and Giants. That unusual event gave me emotion probably like looking at Hailey’s comet, once in your lifetime. I have heard that cultural event costed 5.4 million dollars with 1.4 million onlookers but it was worth every cent.

VIVRE LA GIANTS by Samantha Loxton

By inspiring creativity; events such as The Giants produced by the Royal de Luxe theatre company; mesmerised and captivated the hearts of thousands of all ages throughout our city with stories derived from our traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime.
A giant little girl and her father; a giant scuba diver captivated Perth audiences for several days; and much has been written about success of the Giants story at Perth’s International Arts Festival.
This landmark; cultural event, probably the largest event in WA arts history has brought our community together in a unique way.
The Giants have created a “spirit of place”, inspired by events from our Aboriginal heritage.
The vibrant music; costumes and general spirit also contributed to a unique performance; creating global and interstate exposure for our city.
Such an event has attracted many artists; photographers and writers eager to capture their own, personal memoirs of the performance.