Hello, my name is Anna Fiala. I was born in Poland in 1944, in the late 1950’s I completed Secondary School dedicated to Fine Art in Lublin, after that in the 1960’s I graduated with a degree from Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, specializing in Tapestry. In my birth land I was a successful tapestry weaver.
In 1984, together with my family, I immigrated to Australia. Calling Perth home for over 30 years, I broadened my artistic scope here, and now also paint in oils, draw in pastels and recently my biggest passion has become photography. The natural forest environment is my inspiration. It is something of my earliest memories, which I know and love from my childhood. In Poland where I grew up, my parents had owned a part of a forest. I have many recollections of spending long hours playing in it.
Living in Australia for the past 30 years I came to appreciate and love the Australian bush which has become subject matter for my photographs. In their close ups are fantastic figures, faces of animals and other creatures that ‘sit patiently’ to be discovered in the bark of trees, or plays of light. I was inspired to publish a series of photobooks on this subject: Forest Secrets, Forest Impressions and Hidden Stories which are complemented with poetic text by Adam and Andrew. The books can be ordered through the on-demand publisher Blurb.

Adam Fiala was born in Poland in 1940, where he worked as a lawyer, pianist, painter as well as a fiction author. Before Martial Law of 1981 seven of his books were published, and were received as popular in his native country.
Living in Australia for over 30 years Adam still publishes through a Polish publisher ‘Miniatura’. He published another seven books, text and illustrations, and he was also an illustrator for over 50 poetry books of other authors.
Adam has an extensive body of work, which includes: writing, painting, drawing in wide range of medium. His art is in expressionistic style with touch of satire, surrealism and grotesque. In recent years he broadened his artistic interest to photography, which is based on observations of real life. He also composes music, sings and plays on keyboard as well as on didgeridoo, which is presented on YouTube as the channel adamfialaart.

Andrew Fiala was born in Poland in 1975 and arrived in Australia with his parents in 1984. From an early age, he had displayed a talent and enthusiasm for drawing. Andrew is largely a self taught artist; he studied art briefly at a TAFE College back in 1994, and more recently in 2014. For over 4 years he has been focusing his attentions on the computer media and the internet, creating and uploading slide shows and videos for a YouTube channel adamfialaart which he shares with his dad.
Uploaded images for the slide shows and videos are sometimes accompanied by a short narrated story, the audience in mind being young children. Such example is Spring time story, a short story about family of Numbats.
Andrew’s favourite art mediums are still drawing – using pencils, pastels and more recently he explores digital art forms. Other mediums include painting (acrylic on canvas), collage and mixed media, sculpture in clay, but his real passion lies in photography. His preferred photographic subject matters are people from his personal life, nature, scenery – landscapes, natural detail such as tree bark, animals and birds (his pets).